Payal Gupta

[ interior designer ]

  • DEPARTMENT: Design
  • EXPERIENCE: 7 Years
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  • PHONE: 8859711110


Is Graduate From Nift 2013-2017 batch
 She Has Working Experience Of Seven Years After Completing Her Graduation.
 She Started Her Journey With Durian Mumbai, a well known furniture brand, as a furniture design intern. After Durian, She Worked on Many Other Brands In Various Fields Of Interior Design. Like She Has Worked With Colonial Collection Mumbai As A Furniture Designer. Then She Worked on the Floor. Furnishing Gururam As Senior Interior Designer And As A Furniture Expert With There Sab Brand Called Semicolon, After Which She Have Worked As Product Designer In S&R Export House Gururam  To Learn About Interior Décor Products Making Of Those Product So In This Company She Have Also Learn Decoration Products importance in interior design world And Even Have Design A Wide Range Of Products On Costal, Christmas, Nature Themes, Products she designed are like wall sconce, wall art, candle holders, kitchen products, tea lights wall hanging, lamps, hanging lights, room dividers, coffee tables  and many more décor products for her clients from Germany and Europe.
 After working out of town ( Dehradun) and gaining experience, she came back in 2020 to experience the Dehradun interior market. She worked with Dio Gracia for six months and, after that, she started doing her own freelancing projects in Dehradun , Mumbai, some places in chandigarh. Now she has come up with her own brand of interiors, called interiors by payal, to increase her experience and creativity in the world of design.

Durian Furniture

Furniture design


 Interior décor Product designer 

Floor & Furnishing

senior Interior Designer, Furniture design 


Interior design, Furniture design

interior sketch
3D Modeling
2D Planning

Hard & Soft Skills

The basic philosophy of our studio is to create individual, aesthetically stunning solutions for our customers by lightning-fast development of projects employing unique styles and interiors. Even if you don’t have a ready sketch of what you want – we will help you get the result you dreamed of. We can also help you create harmony out of seemingly completely incompatible elements in the interior or the exterior design. Do you want to combine classics and abstract art? Modern and retro? Love everything associated with the 1940’s? Want a solid roomy design, but don’t have much room? No problem!

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