When I met this client they come with some reference image that they want same kind of sofa, color and many requirements. But they wasn’t sure about interior design for there flat. So the client is a merchant navi person so he was very in love with  world maps, compass, marine things. And his wife Nidhi was sure that she need a lot of storage space in her flat and the design should be in a way that it should be more convenient to open and close furniture with locking system. And his wife told me that she like the same theme marine which her husband like but the house should look more elegant and peaceful in nature.

Mr. Saurav Verma
project type:
Residential Project
6 month
Aqua theme , monochromatic theme, indigo ink theme, yellow glare.
Minimalistic with rich tones
November 22, 2022

Design in Details


So we started with foyer that is the entry area of flat.
Client told me about some furniture items which they want in foyer which was shoe rack and 2 sittings and a peaceful entry. With no vibrant color tones.


we was having very small place for mandir and as client that they want a storage for every room so we deiced to keep simple while giving storage cabinet above the mandir as well as below the mandir.

Living + drawing + dining area

Client told us these points for this area it was a open space with one big balcony which have living ,drawing, dining together at same place. L-Shape sofa will be in dark green in color for living area. Bar will be hidden in t.v unit of living area. For drawing keep sofa in black color so that it should not get dirty.


For rooms we have worked on a themes based interiors design. You can see in portfolio of this client, This is how we have completed this project with smile on clients face at the end of project.


Master bedroom




Living room, Dining room, drawing room



Incredible Result

Establishing multi-sensory experiences, we can design interiors that resonate across ages and demographics. These rooms and spaces connects us to ourselves which boost our productivity, and create greater well-being. Beyond these benefits, by reducing stress and enhancing creativity, we can also expedite healing. In our increasingly urbanized cities.